As it comes to profitability of your business, you should always prioritize designing a responsive website. There are many benefits of having such a responsive web design Hove. It can effectively impact SEO, boost up conversion rate, ensure better user experience and enhance other aspects of the business that directly and positively contribute to business growth.

Benefits of responsive web design

Here are the key benefits of having a responsive website for your business.

  • Better user experience – A responsive website ensures a great user experience. The quality of user experience is measured by the time they spend on a website. If they don’t find it easy to use or navigate as they are constantly directed to zoom or pinch, they will leave the site soon. But if the site responds to the changes in screen size promptly, the user won’t face any issues accessing links, buttons, menus or even filling out any form. And, as a result they will have a better user experience and spend more time on the site. Better user experience leads to more word-of-mouth referrals and new leads for the business.
  • Faster web development – Gone are those days when a separate mobile version of the website was used to be served in case of smaller screen size. And, this version often takes much more time than building a responsive site that not only looks great but also works as you want it to work, irrespective of the device your users are using. Another drawback of such a website is that it costs more as the developer has to build two sites instead of one.
  • Simple site analytics – As you run two different versions of your site, you will surely have to monitor two sets of website analytic so you can keep track of where the visitors are coming from and how they like the content. You have to handle multiple signups along with thank you pages, funnels, conversion points and so on.
  • Responsive site analytics- But with a responsive web design, site stats can be best simplified as you need to keep track of a single data while getting insight into all the things like which browsers or devices the visitors are using, how long they spend on the site, where they usually drop off and more. Nevertheless, you don’t need to access those data from different reports to get the exact idea.
  • Lower bounce rate – Bounce rate denotes percentage of visitors who leave the site after visiting just one or two pages. But a responsive website keeps the visitors engaged on the site for longer reducing the bounce rate. Visitors will be likely to click through different pages and explore things that you offer.
  • Higher conversion rate – As the visitors spend more time on your site owing to improved user experience, they build more trust. And that trust leads to higher conversion rate – be it signing up for newsletters, booking a call or making a purchase. Average conversion rates for smartphones are up by at least 65 percent while compared to desktop and thus you can see how important it is to have a responsive website for your business.

These are only a few of the many things that you can enjoy by creating a responsive website for your business.