In today’s market, e-commerce plays a very important role. The transactions are generally done through various B2B and B2C Websites. Regarding numbers, B2B e-commerce sites outstrip the figures posted by B2C sites.

B2B and B2C e-Commerce Sites are interconnected:

Compared to B2C websites, the B2B or Business to Business sites are less exclusive. The B2B merchants generally focus on providing a quality buying experience, superior service and an easy sales process. To increase the number of visitors and boost sales, B2B sites essentially follow the strategies of different B2C sites.

How to Improve B2B e-Commerce Sales with Web Designing

Here are some essential tips for designing a B2B Website. Web design companies can follow these to increase traffic and boost on-site sales numbers.

Optimise the Search Bar: When one opens an online shopping website, they cannot miss noticing the search bar on top. In B2C sites, the design of this panel is much more basic. However, this should not be the case on B2B websites. These sites should be highly functional and preferably added with different product categories. These product categories should contain all essential details and vital data. This will help a buyer to choose a product much more easily.

Smoothen User Experience: Today, most businesses prefer to buy products independently. They want to avoid the long, tedious conversation with a company salesperson to finalise a deal. So it is important for businesses to design their site to foster self-service. The designers may add features such as payment through multiple gateways, ordering a product sample and tracking the shipment. This can help to boost customer satisfaction and user experience.

Make the site Responsive: All design efforts will go in vain if the website doesn’t run well on mobile devices. Nearly 70 % of the global internet users access the web from mobile phones or tabs. A B2B sales company should leverage this opportunity. They should consider building a website that runs smoothly everywhere. Besides boosting sales, this can affect its ranking as Google prefers mobile-friendly websites.

A B2B e-Commerce site can show better sales numbers through these strategies. For complete professional assistance, one should take help from a reputable web design company. Osam Websites is a well-known company that can help design and optimise B2B and B2C e-Commerce sites. We help businesses to achieve better online visibility and better sales figures.