How to add a phone number box to the contact form

Adding a phone number box to the Divi contact form The built in contact form module by default has three fields Name, Email, Message. Most businesses like to collect the phone number of their client allowing them to call the client instead of responding via email....

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How to create a coloured menu bar

How to give your Divi website a coloured menu bar The default menu options in Divi are a bit boring and make the website look abit plain and unfinished, this simple css snippet will add some extra colour to your menu. Child Theme Before you start make sure you have...

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How to create a child theme (the easy way)

Why do we need a child theme? We use child themes to make edits to the theme without actually changing the main theme's files. This means changes we make can be easily viewed and edited, it also means that the changes made won't be removed when the 'parent' theme is...

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