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OSAM Websites helps your website earn traffic and attention via social media sites. Our aim is to integrate these platforms with the rest of your business communication channels so that they intercommunicate to achieve trade goals and improve ROI. The strategies cover building Social Communities and Networking, Creative Marketing, generation of Content for User Engagement, and Cross-Platform Branding. Brand Awareness is escalated on all kingpin social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Zing, and the like. The objective is to attract a Target Audience and convert conversations into sales and profit. The idea is to establish a business’s much required social media culture.


Planning: Yes, everything begins with a social media marketing plan. Each step is aligned towards the bigger business marketing and branding strategy. Social media audits are performed to evaluate the present social status of the business, and strategies are laid accordingly. All social efforts – every like, share, and tweet – are intended to focus on business goals and customer conversion. These efforts are precise, relevant, and time-bound.

Creating / Improving Social Media Accounts: Platforms are chosen keeping in consideration the purpose of the business and its social media goals. Profiles are optimised so that User Engagement is maximum, and web traffic gets a boost. Cross-promotion of social accounts is done for better content reach.

Social Media Campaigns & Content Development: Imaginative and engaging content is developed to be posted across multiple social media platforms. Content includes text, images, infographics, and videos, and those that are user-generated. The idea is to help consumers with brand, product, and service discovery, and buying decisions.

Mobile Advertising: It’s time to go mobile, because content is shared more via mobiles than any other device! At Osam Websites, we use strategically created digital ads that help businesses generate revenue via social media.

User Engagement Strategies: Active interactions are kept alive to the highest degrees in the created online communities so that users can respond and convert. The plan of action includes engaging users based on interest and self-interest, human motivation, altruism, reciprocity, trust, rewards, and incentives. The aim is to uphold customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and word of mouth promotion.

Time To Socialise!

Let’s engage in some awesome Brand Strategies, Creative Social Content, and Community Management with practical social insights. Osam Websites is here to amplify your brand’s digital footprint. Are you ready?

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