How to create a child theme (the easy way)

Why do we need a child theme?

We use child themes to make edits to the theme without actually changing the main theme’s files. This means changes we make can be easily viewed and edited, it also means that the changes made won’t be removed when the ‘parent’ theme is updated.

Step 1: Download & Install plugin

Click Plugins > Add New

Search for ‘One click Child theme’ in the search box.

Click ‘Install Now’ on ‘Child Theme Configurator’

Click ‘Activate’

Step 2: Configure Child Theme

Click Tools > Child Themes

Click ‘Analyze’

Click ‘Create New Child Theme’

Step 3: Activate Child Theme

Click ‘Appearance’ > ‘Themes’

Click ‘Activate’ on the child theme you have created.


You have now created your child theme, next step is to add some custom CSS to create some really cool websites. Visit for our latest Divi how to guides.