Website designs that you see today have gradually evolved. The initial popular designs are now a distant memory. With the advancement of technology, designs have improved. Moreover, the designs nowadays are more customer-centric rather than being business-centric. You can generate a considerable amount of traffic and convert the same only when making a design that your customer will love. Hence the majority of companies making website designs in Shoreham follow the current trend.

Here’s a brief history of how website design has evolved over the years.

Dark ages of web design

During the 1980s, when the internet was first invented, to designers, website design meant working on a black screen with pixels. The only creative part of the design was to make symbols, pictures and tabulations.

website design

Introduction of web pages

In 1991 the concept of the web page was first introduced. Back then, it was a simple page that contained information about the world wide web with no designs or creativity on the same.

Introduction of ads

In late 1994, ads became a part of the websites. If you look through the websites of that time, you’ll find them crowded with many ads. Thus the designer had to learn to design the same accordingly.

Use of JavaScript

With the introduction of javascript in 1995, things changed for website designers. This is, to date, considered to be one of the essential programming languages. Designers started designing based on this language. This helped in making the static page useable by the customers.

Starting of standard web layout

Within early 2000, things became more accessible for the designers as they received standard website layout while working. During this time, the work of website designers became more prominent. Features like navigation buttons, categories etc., were included in the website design.

Responsive design trends

Since 2010, website designs became an integral part of every business. Hence, from this time onwards, designers became more careful about the type of designs they produced. Responsive designs became the trend of the hour! Hence, mobile web designs became a part of the same.

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